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Jennifer Phillips's Profile

Picture of Jennifer Phillips


  • B.A. - Lewis and Clark College - Biology - 2007

Research Interests

  • I study why birds are darker in areas of higher humidity (Gloger's Rule). While this pattern was described nearly 150 years ago, we know very little about why this pattern exists. Using a combination of field and museum studies, including observational and experimental approaches, I am examining two potential explanations for this pattern, camouflage and resistance to feather-degrading bacteria.

Research Interest Summary

  • Relationship between bird plumage coloration and climate


  • McGlothlin, J. W., J. M. Jawor, T. J. Greives, J. M. Casto, J. L. Phillips, and E. D. Ketterson. Hormones and honest signals: males with larger ornaments elevate testosterone more when challenged. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 21: 39-48.